ServiceNow Security Operations: 6 videos explaining what's new in Utah

ServiceNow's Utah release includes enhancements for Security Operations. These six videos will teach you everything you need to know about the changes.

Want to learn what’s new in SecOps with ServiceNow's Utah release? Read on for details of six videos you can watch to find out.

So what’s new?

With Utah, ServiceNow has introduced two major changes within Security Operations:

  • a new Security Incident Response Workspace,
  • and enhancements to the Vulnerability Manager Workspace.

The reimagined SIR Workspace is designed with Tier 1 and 2 security analysts in mind, and includes new analyst dashboards and investigation canvasses to better manage incidents and workload. It also leverages playbooks and recommendations to assist with investigations, while using out-of-the-box integrations to orchestrate actions directly.

For details, read the SIR Workspace Docs. Also, ServiceNow’s Principal Product Manager for SIR, Madhumitha Reddy, published a detailed post on the key features of the SIR Workspace when it was first released in the ServiceNow Store, back in February.

The Vulnerability Manager Workspace is designed to allow vulnerability managers to manage misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across assets from a single workspace. It enables the creation of watch topics, remediation efforts and tasks for all vulnerabilities (hosts, application, and containers) and misconfigurations from a single view.

ServiceNow has also added the ability to schedule the recurring creation of remediation efforts and tasks, and multi-task across modules by keeping items open in tabs.

For details, read the Vulnerability Manager Workspace docs.

What do the videos cover?

ServiceNow, along with members of the community, have created a range of videos demo’ing the new features in these workspaces, along with some other SecOps enhancements introduced in Utah.

First up, this 6-minute video from ServiceNow provides a quick overview of the new SIR Workspace and the updates to the Vulnerability Manager Workspace:


SIR Workspace Demos

There are three videos to watch specifically on the SIR Workspace, starting with this 11-minute demo from ServiceNow:


Justin Meadows has a 10-minute review, looking at the SIR Workspace’s overview page, a Security Incident record, the list view and the dashboards view:


ServiceNow’s David Adler has a 5-minute video explaining how the SIR Workspace allows Security Analysts and SOC Managers to resolve Security Incidents and perform all SOAR-related activities within a single, user friendly environment:


Vulnerability Manager Workspace Demos

Robert McGaw, a Senior Solution Architect at NewRocket, has a 6-minute video covering three aspects of the Vulnerability Manager Workspace: GRC exception management, Questionnaire support, and the expanded support to cover all vulnerability types.

He also demonstrates how, in Utah, risk rating and risk score mapping is now configurable for all vulnerability and configuration use cases, and takes a look at the revamped SIR Workspace.


Finally, ServiceNow has produced a one-minute video showing how the upgraded Vulnerability Manager Workspace enables users to create watch topics in remediation efforts for application and cloud vulnerabilities.


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